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  • The Mummy: The Evil Woman Unleashed

    What would happen if a badass female mummy, fuelled by an unforgivable betrayal and centuries of thirsting for revenge, was unleashed on today’s world? Iconic monster from the ancient past is about to bring unforgettably haunting cinematic images, this time with a spectacular performance of the truly enchanting film star Tom Cruise. The first time ever, the Mummy is a woman.


  • Turning eighty and still being Jack the Joker

    „More good times! I have been to many places. I am like the bad penny. The minute that you are not learning I believe you are dead,“ are some of the famous quotes by the three Oscars winner, screen icon and the finest Hollywood actor Jack Nicholson. The handsome party animal reaches the ripe age of eighty on 22nd April.


  • Important Film Anthropoid Ignored by Czech Film and Television Academy

    World War II drama Anthropoid based on the outstanding true story of the Operation Anthropoid, the code name for the mission to remove SS officer Reinhard Heydrich, was totally neglected during the Czech Lion ceremony, despite the fact it depicts a story of an enormous historic importance.


  • Czech Republic Lures Filmmakers Again

    The Czech Film Commission is the filmmakers’ first contact with the Czech Republic. It lures foreign film and TV projects, improves the communication between production teams and local authorities. The commission recommends suitable locations, helps to understand the filmmaking conditions and legislation, guides through the incentive programme. It currently encourages the opening of regional film offices and presents the Czech film industry in the prestigious magazine Variety, as well as at film festivals from Cannes to Los Angeles. Since 2017 it has been a department of the State Cinematography Fund.


  • Beauty and the Beast: Live Action Remake

    Who can ever forget the timeless Disney classic that is "Beauty and the Beast", the 1991 classic that's brought joy to thousands, fi not millions, of viewers since it first hit the theaters and has since become one of the flagship films of the Disney Rennaissance? The answer to that is no one, even 25 years later,and it's not hard to see why. Between the animation that's still set the bar high for traditional animation, the award-winning music, and the copious amounts of praise from critics that come even today, "Beauty and the Beast" will always be a part of childhoods everywhere.


  • Kong: Skull Island

    There's something that's just epically awesome about giant creatures that rampage all through the streets of a major city that was first introduced with the first "King Kong" film, perfected by the Japanese with their "Godzilla" series, and then finally having come full circle with Peter Jackson's "King Kong" 2005 remake. This time however instead of a complete remake of the original movie, though, "Kong: Skull Island" will serve as a complete reboot of the entire Kong Franchise, with the intention of branching out into other media as well.


  • Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Shaping Into Fun Summer Romp

    So what do you get when you take the Avengers, and add in a mixture of fun, a memorable cast of nonhuman characters, 80's pop music, and an epic adventure to save the entire galaxy instead of just the world? You get the Guardians of the Galaxy, that's what. The first Guardians of the Galaxy was such an unexpected hit that many didn't think it stood a chance against venerated franchises and installments such as Iron Man, Captain America, Thor and others in the Marvel Universe. But boy was everyone wrong, and it ended up smashing many box office expectations that make it still one of the highest grossing films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


  • Logan Becoming Proper Send Off, and Marking an End of An Era

    Movies that have been based around the Wolverine character have been kind of a grab bag of differing quality for the last 20 years that 20th century Fox have been producing movies that starred Hugh Jackman in the titular role. While the character himself is a continuing popular pop culture icon thanks in large part to the multitude of fans who have grown up with the character for several generations, with the character starring in different media such as Cartoons, Video Games, Comic Books, and even Music. However, the movies that starred Wolverine have been altogether different, mostly due to the fact that the various different director, screenwriters, and producers involved in their production saw the character differently.


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There are no snapshots, or the editorial approval is expected.

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