Victor E.

I saw that sign "Dantes inferno" at a couple different locations while they were filming in FORT Morgan Colorado. Usually at a hotel on Mainstreet. The prop team also made that same hotel to look like 2 of these photos. Facades and structures like With the heart. You will notice that in many of these scenes the back ground looks green screened with either shrubbery or buildings with a visual of 2 balls and a shaft in between. The director said fort morgan has the appearance of any place in the Midwest. So that is why he filmed there. I also saw the puppy van Parked at several locations through out Fort Morgan ; mostly hotels.

2023-07-31 22:39:25

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V. Ehrlich

Actually looks like the house I signed my VA mortgage at. (Realtor) in Fort Morgan

2023-07-31 19:30:09

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