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The project came into being in terms of easy question which any of us has asked oneself at least once: „Where was such a beautiful film set shot?“

Modern era of computer animation and blue backgrounds definitely don´t contribute to this project. Fortunately a lot of movies are still filmed in very beautiful scenery and at places that are certainly worth visiting. The main aim of is to introduce and show where you can find these locations. Especially travellers and tourists who want to enrich their travelling by visiting well-known movie places will appreciate information about filming locations. We want to make internet travelling more interesting by using real photos of existing locations.

I bet there is no one in this world who would know all the filming locations and own pictures of them. But there are millions of you who know this or that location and own a picture of it! And that is exactly what we are looking for. We will put all of these separate pieces together and we will create extensive and unique worldwide infobases.

How Can I Contribute?

Each of you can participate in the project development under one condition - an easy registration. Every user can then insert a picture of an interesting place from a movie, a real photo of existing place or exact filming location - that´s what we appreciate the most. If there isn´t the movie you are looking for in the database, create it! It is easy, only don´t forget to fill in basic information such as the official title, director´s and actor´s names, country of origin, etc. Our aim is to create a high-quality database. That´s why all of the upload movies and photos are checked and approved by our editors. So do not panic if your movie doesn´t appear in the database immediately after uploading.

Also if you come across wrong information about the movie or filming location, write a warning message. Only with your help we can correct mistakes and errors.

Thank you for your help realizing this project that will serve especially for you, our readers!


  • Number of Movies: 1028
  • Number of Filming Locations: 9474
    • with Location: 6929 (73.14% success finding)
    • with Location and Photo: 2401 (25.34% success finding)
  • Number of Locations in Map: 6225

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