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Kong: Skull Island

Kong: Skull Island

There's something that's just epically awesome about giant creatures that rampage all through the streets of a major city that was first introduced with the first "King Kong" film, perfected by the Japanese with their "Godzilla" series, and then finally having come full circle with Peter Jackson's "King Kong" 2005 remake. This time however instead of a complete remake of the original movie, though, "Kong: Skull Island" will serve as a complete reboot of the entire Kong Franchise, with the intention of branching out into other media as well.

Tom Hiddleston and Brie Larson

A completely ambitious project as well given the mixed reviews that were given to the 2005 remake. This time however Legendary Entertainment is poised to make sure that the entire series centered around its titular character, King Kong, gets the treatment that it deserves and has hired Jordan Vogt-Roberts to direct the film, with John Gatins, Dan Gilroy, Derek Connolly, and Max Borenstein to help write up the movie as it develops.

Samuel L. Jackson

While the writing and story is an ongoing project while the film starts to get under way in development, there has been small bits and pieces of the basic story that have been hinted it. The premise of "Kong: Skull Island" is that during the 1970's a team of explorers is hired to explore an uncharted island that was discovered in the Pacific ocean. The island itself is beautiful, and seemingly a paradise, but also is as deadly as any jungle, with the explorers themselves completely unaware that they landed into the domain of the Giant Gorilla known as Kong.

And so far everything seems to be coming together pretty well, as the current cast consists of various different A-list actors who were signed on for the film. Such actors including Tom Hiddleston in the leading role, Brie Larson, Samuel L. Jackson, John Goodman, and Terry Notary in a motion capture role for Kong himself. With so much star power behind the film, though, expectations are high indeed.

Filming locations

Luckily though for the film, there's a lot more than pretty faces brought to the screen, as the selected filming locations are just as beautiful to look at as well. In fact principle filming for Kong: Skull Island began in October 19th of 2015 and concluded on March 18th 2017, with a majority of the filming locations being set in the Northern Portions of the Vietnamese jungle and surrounding area's including Tràng An, Vân Long and Tam Cốc (Ninh Bình Province), Hạ Long Bay (Quảng Ninh Province) and at the entrance of Tú Làn Caves System, (Tân Hoá, Trung Hoá Village, Minh Hoá District Quảng Bình Province) as well as on the island of Oahu in Hawai as well as Australia's Gold Coast, where filming was picked up once again sometime in late 2016 to extend several scenes already constructed.

John Goodman

Currently, as of now the release date for the movie itself was moved to avoid heavy competition with many films already out on the market for the Holiday Season, having originally been November 4th of 2016. The new date that it's been moved is March 10th of 2017, with plans to be released in both 3D and IMAX 3D films. It's also been hinted that should the movie see modest box office success then sequels are already in the works.


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