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How to write Article

In following text we explain you, how can you create articles about your trips to interesting cities, your comments etc. We will advise you, how to do it.

How to create an Article

Follow the link Create New Article and insert the title of the article, its perex (short introduction which will be shown in the list of articles) and keywords related to the article separated with commas (keywords are important for search engines). Insert also an author of article (yourself and other persons - use suggestions).

How to insert new Article

Insert new Part

Article is divided into "so called" parts. If you want to create a content of article you have to insert specific parts (link in the bottom). Each part has its type. There are for example three types of parts related to creation of text content and two types related to creation picture content of article. Each type can have a different dimensions etc. Use the icons (image of pencil) located on the side of part to edit the content of concrete part (change content, move part, delete part).

Insert Part of Article

Text Formatting

To insert texts into article use special formatting to create headers, links etc. Our solutions do no use so called "wysiwyg" builder, because it produce unnecessary html tags. In the bottom section of the screen is located the help related to text formatting with examples. For instance you can use following text formatting:

*Italic* nebo _Italic_
**Bold text** nebo __Bold text__

#Header 1

##Header 2

Example of [link]( to creates: Example of link to

Insert one part after another and create so the content of the article. You can use the icons on the sides of parts to be able to edit the content, move parts etc.

Edit the Part

Send to check

If the article is finished you switch its attribute "Finished" to "Yes". Authorized persons (so called "Editors") check your article and if everthing is ok then the article is published on the website.

Send to check

And because we always try to improve our project you can look forward to new types of parts (insert embed videos from youtube, DVD Covers etc.).

Rating of Article

You can get points related to the rating of article. We usually use the range from 6 to 100 points.

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