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Once Upon A Time In Hollywood: filming locations take you back to Los Angeles

Once Upon A Time In Hollywood: filming locations take you back to Los Angeles

There’s always something kinda special about movies that talk about movie-history. There are different ways to go through movie-history. You can go on go and recreate the classic style just like The Artist did. Or maybe you could just pay a beautiful homage like Hugo did.

Well, we all know there are different types of directors, and none of them are quite like Quentin Tarantino. That is why it is so cool to check out just what Tarantino’s mind has to say about Hollywood’s history and its darker side too.

Once Upon A Time In Hollywood

Once Upon A Time In Hollywood goes back to a really interesting period of time when Los Angeles was full of big movie stars and was the center of the world, or at least the movie world.

Leonardo DiCiaprio and Brad Pitt (photo: Sony Pictures)

Of course, when there are so many big stars shining, there has to be a big shadow to match them.

Back in the same period of time Los Angeles there was a really dark counterculture and the most infamous of them all was the cult of Charles Manson. This movie is a tribute to Hollywood itself, but not only talking about the good parts.

Full of memorabilia

To tell a good story you gotta get a good setting, and Los Angeles is full of great places for filming, especially if you-re trying to recreate, well, Los Angeles itself!

 Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

Movie Snapshot

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

Photo - Reality

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

DVD Cover

The LA Street - Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

Now, while some places were look-alike, some are the real deal, and since they tried to cover so much of the classic Hollywood, we thought it would be fun to mention some of them.

Doubling for the real Spahn Ranch (the Manson family hideout): Corriganville Parks

Even though the idea was to use the original Spahn Movie Ranch located in Chatsworth, but there was just one small problem. The real place has been now completely bulldozed over, probably to get rid of the bad vibes or to try to erase it from history.

Brad Pitt (photo: Sony Pictures)

Luckily enough down the road there’s Corriganville Movie Ranch. It had even been used as a set for western-themed movies in the past, just like the real Spahn Ranch had. Just a little imagination and it was perfect to pass as the original Manson place.

Paramount Drive-in Theatres

Brad Pitt’s character Cliff Booth lives in a trailer park right next to this still-classic drive-in theater. The best part about this location is that this drive-in theater is still functional and rolling, they play some excellent modern films each week. This is still an excellent place to go and watch a movie just like back in those days

The Playboy Mansion, Holmby Hills

The Playboy Mansion was used for the scene that takes place in, well, the Playboy Mansion. That’s right, the scene of the party takes place in the original mansion itself. Since it is nowadays a private residence it did not require much as fast as special permits go, but it’s still a nice thing.

Playboy Mansion was filmed in real Playboy Mansion (photo: Sony Pictures)

New Beverly Cinema

Though this location was not actually used to shoot any scene, it was a key element for the development of the movie. This classic landmark is also actually Quentin Tarantino’s own private theater. Check the official website.

7615 Beverly Blvd, is where the cast was “trained” and instructed by Tarantino himself on where the inspiration for the film came. So they just pretty much all got to hang out together each Sunday to watch a bunch of classic movies with a presentation and explanation of Tarantino before each movie. Free popcorn, soda and beer was involved of course!

photo: Sony Pictures


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