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Joker: Filming locations to make you crazy!

Joker: Filming locations to make you crazy!

These past years we’ve been getting tons and tons of superhero movies, maybe a bit too many, and while the numbers don’t seem to reflect so, the audience could probably be getting a bit tired of it. However, this movie is not like most superhero-based movies, and that’s because it is not about a hero, but rather a villain, and one of the most popular ones at that.

Joker is one of those movies that just keeps raising controversies, but most of all, it is one amazing movie. The supervillain origini-s story is a gruesome and violent one, in a society that turned its back on him. It is a shocking experience from which the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the others DC movies could learn a couple of things.

Joaquin Phoenix (Warner Bros. Pictures)

One of the most interesting aspects of the movie and a key element of the plot is the city Arthur Fleck (Joaquin Phoenix) lives in. This version of Gotham is completely different from the rest, and that’s why we’re going to be checking out some of the locations used for the filming of this movie.

THE dance stairs

It doesn’t even matter if you have not seen the movie yet, if you’ve entered the internet this year, you’ll recognize the scene of dancing on the big stairs. One of the most popular scenes of the whole movie, so it is a perfect place to visit and pay tribute to this amazing film, and who knows, maybe you can also take a killer selfie while you’re there.

Dance Stairs in Bronx (Warner Bros. Pictures)

Located in the Bronx, there are more than 60 of these, but the one used in the film is actually located at 167th Street between Jerome and Anderson avenues (Google Maps). If you need further help locating them you can find them on Google maps as the Joker Stairs!

Joaquin Phoenix on dancing stairs (Warner Bros. Pictures)

Arkham State Hospital

Another of the most iconic locations featured in the movie is one that has already seen plenty of different adaptations. In comics, movies and even in the amazing Batman Arkham video game series. The Arkham State Hospital is a place that witnesses various important scenes for the movie plot. And it is a key element of the whole aesthetic of the film, so it is a perfect place for you to visit on your Joker-based location tour.

Joaquin Phoenix is heading to Arkham State Hospital (Warner Bros. Pictures)

The exterior building used for the exterior look of the hospital is the Brooklyn Army Terminal (Google Maps), and you can see that it even has those cool arcs and bridge. However to take a look at the locations for the inside of the hospital you would have to go to the Metropolitan Hospital located in East Harlem.

The Loews Jersey Theater

One of the five Loew's Wonder Theaters built in the whole of New York City, more specifically the one located in Jersey City (Google Maps. This location is also seen even on the teasers of the movie. A theater and Gotham City, those words are already a story of its own, one we all know pretty well. This is a beautiful ornate theater that’s now abandoned but its undergoing a restoration and it's a perfect place to snap some pics.

Loew's Wonder Theaters (Warner Bros. Pictures)

Joaquin Phoenix as Joker (Warner Bros. Pictures)


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