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Busiest actors

01919Samuel L. Jackson15View
17928Desmond Llewelyn15View
21483Louis de Funes15View
3152Robert De Niro15View
4369Marek Vašut14View
51675Jean-Paul Belmondo13View
64365Tom Cruise13View
711105Robert Dalban12View
8280Tom Hanks12View
910553Lois Maxwell12View
10100Scarlett Johansson12View
113609Matt Damon12View
1210274Harrison Ford11View
136297Kevin Spacey11View
143209Judi Dench11View
15476Gérard Depardieu11View
169708Sean Connery10View
17119Jean Reno10View
187054Brad Pitt10View
19174Liam Neeson10View
2010547Bernard Lee10View
2110042Robert Downey Jr.9View
22146Morgan Freeman9View
23172Donald Sutherland9View
243094Edward Norton9View
259307Leonardo DiCaprio9View
269451Pierre Richard9View
27278Ben Affleck9View
2810519Bradley Cooper9View
294366Jon Voight9View
3012175Mark Ruffalo8View
31106Philip Baker Hall8View
326317Philip Seymour Hoffman8View
3329Michael Caine8View
348247Henri Attal8View
352670Paul Bettany8View
3611137Amy Adams8View
3710867Jake Gyllenhaal8View
38543Josef Somr7View
391489Guy Grosso7View
4013194Thomas Rosales Jr.7View
4128Julianne Moore7View
428837Gary Oldman7View
436557Jeremy Renner7View
448160Benicio Del Toro7View
454577Bruce Willis7View
464807Jeffrey Tambor7View
471085Jan Kuželka7View
48108Arnold Schwarzenegger7View
495248Al Pacino7View
503682Jack Nicholson7View
51363Peter Stormare7View
521463Jena Malone7View
534236Dustin Hoffman7View
547925Pierce Brosnan7View
5512177John Carroll Lynch7View
5618212Michael G. Wilson7View
57377Robbie Coltrane7View
588248Dominique Zardi7View
595387Mark Strong7View
603124Vin Diesel7View
61394Jack McGee7View
62932Sean Bean7View
63421Karel Augusta6View
641461Robert Carlyle6View
657237Michael Fassbender6View
66156Joe Pesci6View
67450Patrick Swayze6View
68960Hugh Jackman6View
694688Vincent Schiavelli6View
7011595Emma Stone6View
71481Jan Unger6View
7210018Tom Hardy6View
73168Ethan Hawke6View
748241Paul Préboist6View
752751Michael Gambon6View
761988Ralph Fiennes6View
7712986Jeffrey Corazzini6View
7812901Zach Galifianakis6View
7910278Clint Eastwood6View
807252Corey Johnson6View
8112671J.K. Simmons6View
824618Christopher Plummer6View
8395Michael Papajohn6View
849532Danny DeVito6View
851977Karel Dobrý6View
865343Maurice Auzel6View
873685Frances McDormand6View
8811596Josh Brolin6View
89177Colin Firth6View
9071Vladimír Menšík6View
919306Jamie Foxx6View
921486Jean Lefebvre6View
937622Jude Law6View
947371Leland Orser6View
9511984Alec Baldwin6View
96166Nicolas Cage6View
974578Harvey Keitel6View
986850Marion Cotillard6View
993585Charles Dance6View
10012871Stan Lee6View
101931Cate Blanchett6View
1021874Jonathan Pryce6View
1034824Joseph Gordon-Levitt6View
1045249Robert Duvall6View
1053210Jeffrey Wright6View
106175Keira Knightley6View
1079602Penélope Cruz6View
1084444Donald Pleasence6View
1097365Giovanni Ribisi6View
110390Roger Moore6View
111417Libuše Šafránková6View
11241Jean Droze6View
113691James McAvoy6View
1141072Lena Birková6View
115361William Fichtner6View
116171Ian Holm6View
1174826Christopher Eccleston5View
11811196Jon Bernthal5View
11910871Melissa Leo5View
120688Tilda Swinton5View
12110527Paul Herman5View
122122Kevin Dunn5View
1239452Jean Carmet5View
1246417Simon Pegg5View
1259337Michael Madsen5View
1263684Keanu Reeves5View
127176Hugh Grant5View
1288095Gene Hackman5View
1291879Christopher Walken5View
13013180Natalie Portman5View
1319951Rachel Weisz5View
1329997Kevin Costner5View
1333611Chris Cooper5View
1349889Bodhi Elfman5View
13512625Pierre Tornade5View
136331Pierre Brice5View
1371922Diane Lane5View
1389298Diane Kruger5View
13917035Jacques Dynam5View
1407621Gwyneth Paltrow5View
141933John Rhys-Davies5View
14210549Walter Gotell5View
14312316Rudy Lenoir5View
1447279Patricia Clarkson5View
1457363Tom Sizemore5View
14639Michel Galabru5View
1474421Jeremy Piven5View
14810865Bruce Greenwood5View
14914955Michael Keaton5View
150272Forest Whitaker5View
1519357Richard Jenkins5View
1524615Russell Crowe5View
153705Vladimír Hrabánek5View
15411140Michael Peña5View
1556318Alfred Molina5View
1566612Stellan Skarsgård5View
15711555Denis O'Hare5View
1589648Don Cheadle5View
15911593Sean Penn5View
160220Jennifer Aniston5View
16113418Emily Blunt5View
1627246Jason Flemyng5View
1639601Javier Bardem5View
1643220Vladimír Kulhavý5View
1657895Mark Wahlberg5View
166389Jean-Claude Van Damme5View
16711330Liza Lapira5View
16813893Amy Ryan5View
1699253Johnny Depp5View
1709887Dan Aykroyd5View
1719971Bernard Musson5View
1728507Benedict Cumberbatch5View
173329Lex Barker5View
1743686Jon Favreau5View
175817Faye Dunaway5View
176938Hugo Weaving5View
17710312Bill Murray5View
17818780Max Montavon5View
1797929Samantha Bond5View
18011195Kyle Chandler5View
181197Jiří Kodet5View
18210324Aidan Gillen5View
183333Karin Dor5View
184121Hank Azaria5View
1854798Vinnie Jones5View
18613240Tom Kemp5View
18713728Shane Rimmer5View
1886303Allison Janney5View
18912938Will Smith5View
190105Clark Gregg5View
1914237John Malkovich5View
192255Noah Emmerich5View
19310811Jean Rochefort5View
1946493Michel Modo5View
19590Bill Paxton5View
19612838Famke Janssen5View
1971987Ben Kingsley5View
1988147Ajay Naidu5View
19911761Lionel Vitrant5View

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