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Energetic psychologist Tess Coleman is a widow. She is raising fifteen-year-old Anna and younger Harry on her own and is about to marry her boyfriend Ryan. She and her daughter each have their own worries and don't get along very well. While Anna is not at all happy that her mother wants to remarry, Tess is bothered by Jake, with whom her daughter has fallen in love. Anna's only joy is the rock band, they are rehearsing in the garage and preparing for an audition. However, their performance is in jeopardy because her mother and Ryan's pre-wedding reception is taking place at the same time. When Anna tries to talk her out of it, it becomes an argument in which the Chinese restaurant owner and her mother unexpectedly intervene. The old woman offers them a magical fortune cookie. And when they both wake up the next morning, they discover that they have switched bodies. After futile attempts to return, they realize that their only hope is to go to the Chinese restaurant again.

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