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Bella was always a little different. When her mom remarried, Bella decided to get closer to her dad and moved in with him in the small rainy town of Forks without expecting her life to change. In her first class at her new school, she is joined by the mysterious and charming Edward Cullen, a boy who is different from everyone she has met so far. There are strange rumours about him at school, as well as about his siblings, with whom he always sits alone at the same table in the school canteen. Despite her friends' warnings, Bella is incredibly attracted to Edward and dreams of him. Gradually, however, she begins to suspect that Edward is no ordinary boy...

29.7.2023Fatabuna found address of the filming location View of the landscape of the Movie Twilight.
29.7.2023Fatabuna found address of the filming location In the ballet studio of the Movie Twilight.

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