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The year is 1914. Paul Bäumer and his classmates have just graduated. Their class teacher says goodbye to them at school - his speech is full of big words, fighting for the country and the nation. Eighteen-year-old boys have their dreams, each of them dreams of an ordinary life, but everything is different. Germany is at war. The Prussian army is fighting alongside Austria-Hungary against the French, the Serbs, the Russians... Young men who have barely outgrown their childhood are not facing the best years of their lives, but a drastic test of adulthood. At the urging of their teacher, they voluntarily and enthusiastically join the army. But disillusionment sets in already during the brutal basic training. In the barracks, they encounter the domineering Corporal Himmelstoss, who intends to beat every trace of humanity out of them with a mad and humiliating drill. It is his moods and bullying that hit hardest on Paul, whose composure and inner strength drive the lampooner to fury. With training over, the boys head into battle. In the wagons from which they have just unloaded the dead and wounded - there is no time for pity.

At the front, the experienced Katcinsky takes charge of the new recruits, and his first advice is: "Forget everything you were taught in the barracks - here the only goal is to survive." In the war, the young men are forced to kill innocent people, and disgust and revulsion seize everyone. If they don't kill, they will be killed themselves. They survive in inhumane conditions and military camaraderie is forged in the face of death. There are dead and maimed people everywhere. During bombings, gas attacks and bloody man-to-man fighting, Paul's comrades die one by one. The monstrosity of the war machine consumes young lives and demoralises a world whose nothingness is nevertheless overwhelmed by human hope and love. An authentic look into the dirty trenches of World War I and the psychology of bitter soldiers stripped of all illusions.

21.4.2020Hukly inserted real photo of the filming location Battlefield of the Movie All Quiet on the Western Front.
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