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The story of the endearingly quirky comedy When the Moon Rises is set in the 1960s on the romantic New England coast. Sam and Suzy are twelve years old. They both share the same problem: they don't get along with their surroundings, but they think they know everything about the adult world. They fall in love at first sight. They strike a secret deal and hatch a grand plan. A year after their first meeting, they escape into the wilderness together. Their disappearance turns the life of a peaceful town upside down. Led by the local sheriff (Bruce Willis), the townspeople launch an extensive search for the pair of young runaways. In addition to the parents (Bill Murray, Frances McDormand) of the young girls, the local scoutmaster (Edward Norton) and his troop of enthusiastic scouts, a social worker (Tilda Swinton) and other eccentric volunteers are on their trail.

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