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A spaceship lands in the jungle with a perfectly equipped alien nimrod on board. Not only the predators inhabiting the jungle, but also the humans, become its prey. This is the prologue to the famous film, which is a popular genre combination of American commando action stories, horror and SF. A squad led by the experienced Major Dutch Schaefer is dropped into enemy territory to rescue several American soldiers from guerrilla captivity in the middle of the jungle. However, after a successful operation, the American soldiers must face a far more mysterious and dangerous enemy. The jungle becomes a trap from which there is no escape, and the American heroes learn for the first time in their lives what fear is. The film, which is now considered a classic of the genre, impresses above all with its tension and thickening atmosphere of fear, as the American supermen are slowly thrown off their routine bravery and balance. Equally successful is the conception of the alien, an unsharp, eerily mysterious figure, employing perfect mimicry, whose presence is signalled only by the thermography of his gaze. It is only in the final scene that Stan Winston's perfect mask appears on stage in all its horror.

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