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Yuri and Vitali are two Ukrainian brothers, whose parents emigrated to the US during the cold war. Yuri refuses to live a miserable life, and quickly understand that weapon trafficking is easiest to way be successful in this corrupted world. He, of course brings his dear brother along with him in this adventure. Yuri is absolutely not concerned with the moral or activity of his clients, and only focuses on the trade. The two brothers travel around the world to supply the largest conflicts on the planet. They are constantly chased by Interpol agents but somehow always mange to escape justice. Yuri brilliantly manages to combine family life with his wife and kids, and his activity which makes him richer every day.

But when his wife finds out the source of their wealth, she forces him to quit, threatening to leave with the kids. But one of Yuri best clients drags him back into business. This next transaction will be the beginning of a descent to hell for Yuri and will seal his tragic destiny as a weapon dealer.

24.9.2019Mrmojo inserted storyline of the Movie Lord of War.
24.9.2019Mrmojo inserted storyline of the Movie Lord of War.

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