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Caleb (Domhnall Gleeson) wins a company contest, the prize of which is a week's stay with the company's CEO Nathan (Oscar Isaac) at his cabin in the countryside. Nathan's house is actually a research centre where only he works. He creates advanced artificial intelligence there and Caleb's task is to put it to the Turing test. In this test, a person asks questions without knowing whether they are talking to a computer or a human being. If the human does not know that he is talking to a computer, the computer passes the test and can be considered to have intelligence equal to a human being. And this is exactly the kind of being Caleb meets: her name is Ava and she takes the form of an attractive girl, and after a few sessions it becomes clear that Ava has intelligence equal to a human being, and instead of technological questions, ethical questions begin to arise between the two protagonists...

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The film is completely minimalistic, taking place in a single location - it was filmed at the Juvet Landscape Hotel in Norway.

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