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The world on both sides of the Iron Curtain is sinking into a mad paranoia. More than a decade has passed since the defeat of Nazi Germany, and now humanity is threatened by the Cold War, the tension between the US and the USSR is almost palpable. When the FBI arrests Rudolf Abel (Mark Rylance), a Soviet spy living in New York in 1957, fear and power distrust escalate even further. Abel's real name was actually William Genrichovich Fischer, he ran a network of agents and sent coded messages to Moscow in an ingenious way, which is one of the reasons why the investigation has gone down in history as the "Hollow Nickel Case". The US government approaches James Donovan (Tom Hanks), a respected Brooklyn lawyer, to take on Abel's defense. Despite his and his family's initial misgivings and rejection of such an unpopular cause, Donovan eventually decides to represent Abel. He wants to ensure that he is subjected to a fair trial. As the two men prepare for their defense, they begin to form a bond based on mutual respect. Donovan admires Abel's strength and loyalty. He delivers an impassioned defense in court to save him from the death penalty. Abel is sentenced to forty-five years in prison in October 1957.

Three years later, an American U-2 reconnaissance plane is shot down over Soviet airspace and its pilot, Francis Gary Powers (Austin Stowell), is captured and sentenced to ten years in prison. The CIA fears that Powers will be forced to reveal top secret information through harsh interrogations and harsh prison conditions. The CIA therefore approaches Donovan and persuades him to join the rescue mission. Donovan travels to Berlin, where he is tasked with negotiating an exchange between Abel and Powers. Shortly after his arrival, he also learns of an American student who has been arrested in East Berlin. Despite CIA instructions to focus only on the downed pilot, Donovan decides to negotiate the release of both the pilot and the student, refusing to abandon anyone in this country. The Great Game Begins.

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The key scene of Bridge of Spies - the handover of the spies - was actually filmed on the Glienicker Brücke near Berlin.

19.10.2016jung found address of the filming location Donovan's house of the Movie Bridge of Spies.
19.10.2016jung found address of the filming location Dead box of the Movie Bridge of Spies.
19.10.2016jung found address of the filming location Hotel Latham of the Movie Bridge of Spies.

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