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John Kimble is chasing drug dealer and murderer Cullen Crisp in Los Angeles. When he discovers that the criminal has received word that his wife has run away from him with their son and three million dollars and is now hiding in Astoria, Oregon, he heads there with police officer Phoebe O'Hara, who, as a new teacher, is to try to find Crisp's son at a local kindergarten. On the way, however, she falls ill and Kimble is forced to take the kindergarten job in her place, even though he has no experience with children because they simply don't belong in his world. Although his first encounter with the little ones doesn't go well, the ice between the big muscle man and the gang of caparts gradually begins to break. But Kimble doesn't stay cold to the beautiful Joyce, who, as it turns out later, is just the woman he's looking for. But the almost idyllic life of the newly minted small-town teacher doesn't last long. The ruthless Crisp arrives on the scene to collect his son.

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