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Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) returns. Only he's a little worse off now. His ability to heal is slowly fading, and he's not exactly bursting with vigour either. Plus, he's pretty much on his own. The only survivor of the X-Men is Charles Xavier, also known as Professor X (Patrick Stewart), but he is seriously ill, losing his memory and suffering from dangerous seizures that threaten those around him. Together they take refuge in an abandoned factory on the US-Mexico border. But their secrecy is ended when Laura (Dafne Keen), a girl who surprisingly has the same powers as Wolverine, shows up with ruthless pursuers trying to take her over. The moment Wolverine and Professor X accept Laura "into the family", they become the goons at the throats of a very brutal and persistent enemy. The heroes on the run have only the remnants of the old X-Men's powers and Laura's own abilities, but they are hard for her to handle. And so it's time for Wolverine to find the remaining will and strength to not only fight, but to pass on his experience to Laura.

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