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Jumper were filmed in twenty cities in fourteen countries. Some scenes were filmed in Rome - Italy, Toronto - Canada or Peterborough in Ontario - USA.


David (Hayden Christiansen) is not exactly a typical young man. Sure, he has family and girl problems like anyone else, but he also has the convenient ability to escape whenever and wherever he wants. He is a jumper—a teleporter—and his unique gift literally opens up his world.

With his new skill mastered, David travels the globe. Hopping around the world, David spends nights in London, in Fiji, in bank vaults stealing money, and back in his hometown of Michigan. He is limitless, until he discovers he’s not alone.

David comes across Roland (Samuel L. Jackson) one day and he makes it very clear to David that he views all jumpers as a serious threat. He will not stop until all jumpers like David are extinct.

David heads home to rekindle things with the love of his life, Millie (Rachel Bilson) and meets a fellow jumper, Griffin (Jamie Bell). Together, the two prepare to fight the throng of anti-jumpers who would like nothing more than seeing each one of their kind obliterated.

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