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In the beginning, the commander of Block Air Force Base goes to the prairie to bring back the Navy's best pilot, Sean Harley, nicknamed Machr, who left the Air Force because of a phobia caused by his father's failure twenty years earlier. The young man lives among the Indians under the name Soft Paw and refuses to return. But on the advice of a wise Indian elder, he changes his mind. At the base, he meets not only his colleagues - the squint-eyed pilot Jim Pfaffenbach, called the Loser, the selfless Pete Thompson, called the Loser, and Kent Gregory, who blames his father for his father's death - but also the sympathetic psychiatrist Ramada Thompson.

The pilots are preparing for a secret operation, Sleeping Weasel, to take out the Arab dictator's atomic bases. Industrialist Wilson wants to push his own superjet into the arsenal, even at the cost of sabotage. He chooses to do just that with planes preparing for action. Meanwhile, Ramada meets his former lover Kent and new friend Machr in a military bar. The evening ends with a brawl between the two rivals and then culinary love games between Machr and Ramada. However, this causes the pilot to miss his morning boarding and instead, the Loser takes to the air, his squinting causing a horrific crash. Nevertheless, the unit flies to the Mediterranean area where they are to prepare for action on an aircraft carrier. Despite his very poor mental state, Machr is put in charge of the formation. However, due to sabotage, the pilots cannot engage the enemy, which is resolved by Captain Block telling the numbed Machr into an earpiece about his father's heroism, which galvanises the pilot and he gamely deals with the enemy planes, their base and the dictator himself.

He does return aboard the aircraft carrier as a true hero in a wreck with no landing gear, no fuel and no wings, but disgraced by an unhappy love - he believes Ramada loves Kent - he returns to the prairie. However, there are some unexpected surprises awaiting him in the Indian teepee.

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