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London artist Robert (Liam Neeson) and his son Jack (Micheál Richardson) lost their wife and mother years ago. Estranged from each other, they now return together to their old family home in Tuscany because they need to sell it in a hurry. The house is linked to old happy and unhappy memories that have faded and fallen into disrepair just like the house. Instead of the idyllic country villa of their memories, they find an almost ruin with a leaking roof, with chunks of plaster falling from the ceiling and walls, and with shutters and doors flying off. They have no choice but to move in unplanned and start repairing it. Their natural ineptitude forces them to seek help from the local bricklayers and Jack literally bumps into Natalie, the beautiful owner of a small restaurant in the local town. As repairs to the house continue, father and son also repair step by step their relationship with each other, which has deteriorated over the years since Mom's death, as has their country estate.

The charming Tuscany countryside with its narrow roads among green hills and vineyards, the local people, the sunshine, and the tentative beginning of Jack and Natalie's romantic relationship work as the best family therapy. In the end, everything looks like Memories of Italy will only be beautiful this time.

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