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Los Angeles 1996 - In a duel with the half-genius, half-mad criminal Phoenix, police officer John Spartan, aka Demolition Man, accidentally causes the death of twenty hostages in the wreckage of an exploding house. Punishment is carried out by hibernation - freezing for decades. For Phoenix for his crime, for Spartan for his unintentional killing...

San Angeles 2032 - the perfect city, full of harmony, peace and safe telepathic love. Only somewhere underground, a group of "bad" people believe in a free life. When a criminal like Phoenix escapes to this non-violent oasis of peace during a parole hearing (purely formal), the police have no choice but to bring Spartan back to save the city.

29.8.2021ales_j found address of the filming location Night Street of the Movie Demolition Man.
17.7.2021ales_j found address of the filming location Police station of the Movie Demolition Man.

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