Refuge of Narnian

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Refuge of Narnian

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Refuge of Narnian


Time of the screenshot: 00:56:36

What's going on in movie:

The ancient kings Peter, Edmund, Susan and Lucy, along with Prince Caspian and the Section of faithful coming to an ancient mythical place of Narnia, former stone table (in the first part Aslan died for him to rise up again), now a refuge for survivors Narnian.

Actors on Screenshot: Ben Barnes, Skandar Keynes, Anna Popplewell, William Moseley

Autor of screenshot: Moondancer

Found by: Kocourvbotach

Photographers: TomHala

Address: Chuderov, Neznabohy

Country: Czechia

GPS: 50.71413, 14.032888

Kaspian and Peter

Movie Snapshot

Kaspian and Peter

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Kaspian and Peter



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